Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fantastic Greens

I love this finish...a super high gloss or lacquer finish reflects light and adds depth to your walls! The crown molding helps the transition to the light ceiling color and brings in a wonderful finishing detail.

Elle Decor

This soft green warms up the space and allows for fewer pieces of decor in the shelves. It keeps the focal point on the design of the built-ins rather than what is in them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Now that's a kitchen!

What a bold kitchen; so fun and vibrant!

Where are you brave souls that will let me do this to your kitchen??? :)

Art Needed

OK, so I know this topic is a bit contradictory to my last post, "No Art Needed," but I wanted to share my passion for art and how important it often is to interior design. A single art piece can be the main focal point in a room and therefore should be special and chosen with consideration.

An art piece can dominate interior design and often lends its colors to the accent pieces incorporated in the rest of the room, such as linens and accessories. It can also be the only source of vibrant color.

decor pad

Here are a few artists that I have recently found and absolutely love their work!

Jerry Iverson at Pulliam Gallery

I also love this artist, Joshua Jensen-Nagle...too many cool pieces to will just have to check out his site