Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amber Interiors

Welcome to the bright and eclectic home of interior designer Amber Lewis. I honestly never thought I could be jealous of a house with a 1970's yellow bubble-glass entry door, but Lewis has me sold here. When asked about designing her own home she said, "I think the most important thing is balance: using neutrals on the big ticket items (like a sofa) and then adding layers of bright, poppy colors. I’m the queen of grey or white couches, set on top of a wild-colored rug with tons of bright, funky pillows and textiles thrown around."

You can check out more of Amber's style and projects on her blog, here.


  1. Hey There Im From San Diego & Noticed You Have This Bright Colorful Blanket and Carpet Well I Was Wondering If You Know The Person How Makes Them? This Is Kind Of Weird But I Really Want A Bean Bag That Looks Like A HACKY Sack? Just Of Course Bigger & Comfy... Let Me Know Any Info Where I Can Buy Those Please, Thanks

  2. Here is a great website that you can get bean bags that look like hacky sacks, enjoy!